Dear students:

More than 200 employers will attend the 2019 careers fair. A variety of international occupations including those related with The Belt and Road Initiative will be provided for all graduates, comprising international students. The details are notified as follows.


Time: 13:30-17:00, Thursday, March 21st.

Venue: Main Gymnasium (Sports Center), Tsinghua University

13:30-14:30   Only open for Tsinghua students

14:30-17:00   Open for all students across universities

(To facilitate the students with precise information, those international positions related to BRI and the like or recruiting international employees  will be marked with red signs, while others marked with blue signs.)

2Supporting materials suggested

CV, transcript, student card, ID card (international student please show passport), employment reference letter, copy of certificate, etc.


Priority is given to Tsinghua students between 13:30 to14:30. Please enter the gymnasium with your student IC cards.

All students could enter the gymnasium between 14:30 to 17:00.

Non-Tsinghua student get the ticket: At 14:00-16:30, March 21st, non-Tsinghua student can get a ticket for free at the south gate on the second floor of main gymnasium with student card and ID card (international student please show passport). Student may enter with their valid student ID card/passport.

Student can only enter gymnasium through the south gate on the first floor, and exit through the north gate. The east and west are emergency exits, which are only open for emergency circumstances.

Please take care of your belongings and do not smoke in the crowded venue.

In order to ensure the security of students, no entry shall be allowed temporarily once the venue of the careers fair is crowded. Please understand, cooperate actively and follow the instructions of the staff.

There are emergency exits in the venue, in case of an emergency, please remain calm, follow the instructions, and exit orderly. 

Career Development Center, Tsinghua University

March 8, 2019

Tsinghua University Careers Fair 2019 Notice(Student).pdf