Tsinghua University 2017-2018 campus recruitment (promotion) fairs


Dear students:

       Starting late September, employers will come to our school for the recruitment (promotion) fairs. The campus recruitment fairs and the medium-sized recruitment mutual choice fairs of this year shall be held at the office building of the Career Development Center (South of Qingfenyuan) and the main building; the large recruitment mutual choice fair shall be arranged at the gymnasium. Please inform other students, and participates actively.

In order to ensure the safe and orderly conduct of the campus recruitment activities, the regulations are formulated as follows:

       1. Due to the limit of the venue, we give priority to students of Tsinghua University to attend the campus recruitment (promotion) fair. Students of our university may enter the venue with their student ID cards (IC cards) 30 minutes prior to the fair.

       2. Under the condition that the venue accommodates, students from other schools may enter the venue with their own student ID cards and ID cards 10 minutes prior to the fair.

       3. In order to ensure the safety of the participants, no entry shall be allowed once the venue of the job fair is fully seated, the center shall arrange employer to collect resumes outside the venue; according to the venue condition of the activity, entry shall be arranged in groups orderly.

       4. Combustible and explosive objects as well as knives and other dangerous objects are prohibited at the recruitment (promotion) fairs.

       5. Please do not bring backpacks to the recruitment (promotion) fair, it is advised that you bring resumes and other documents with a transparent file bag.

       6. Participants shall comply with relevant rules of the venue, and follow organization and arrangements of the staff; in case of an emergency, please remain calm, follow the instructions, and exit orderly.

       7. Should there be changes in the arrangement of the recruitment (promotion) fair, the Career Development Center shall publish a notice on the employment information website (http://career.tsinghua.edu.cn). Please pay attention.

Career Development Center, Tsinghua University

September 18, 2017


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