For the Employing Units

Welcome to Tsinghua University to scout our graduates! We really appreciate your help to our employment work!

For the sake of the requirements of high-level talents, owing to the rapid development of China's socialistic market economy, Tsinghua has established the target of nurturing talents as "High-level, High-quality, Diversification, Creativity", focused on cultivating students a solid theoretical foundation, constantly expanding their professional knowledge, making great efforts to improve the overall quality of students. Most of the Tsinghua's graduates possess solid science foundation, practised foreign language and computer using skills, abundant liberal arts and management knowledge and strong ability of adapting new working environment as well. Therefore the employing units can both recruit the graduates with corresponding specialties and interdisciplinary knowledge.

This introduction sums up the current subjects construction and program situation of Tsinghua University. Its contents emphasize the nurturing orientation of every program, arrangement of courses in specialty and adapted position and business nature after the students’ graduation, to help the employing units to targeted recruit our graduates.

If the employing units want to know more about the specific details, please view: As to the adding and change of the program, we will update it in real time as well.

We also appreciate admissions officers of the graduate students, admissions officers of the undergraduates and teachers governing employment work from educational administration of each department. Without their help, this introduction can't favoringly be accomplished. Thank you!


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