Established in 1988, Career Development Center, Tsinghua University is responsible to educate the undergraduate and postgraduate students on their career development and employment. CDC consists of the Administrative Office, the Section of Employment Policy, the Section of Employer Connections, the Section of Career Guidance, the Section of Career Teaching & Research and the Section of International Organization Affairs. As a unified administrative department of the undergraduate and postgraduate students' employment, the Career Development Center, Tsinghua University, continuously strives to become an outstanding employment service center so as to be aligned with the goal of developing our university into a world-class one. Currently, a relatively comprehensive system of the student career development education, service and management has been established. In 2012, the Career Development Center was honored with the title of "National Advanced Unit for Student Employment" by the State Council.

       In January, 2015, on the 13th School Affairs Conference of the academic year of 2014-2015, the Employment Guidance Center, Tsinghua University, was renamed as Career Development Center (CDC), Tsinghua University.

Section of Employment Policy

      To formulate the measures for implementation of the employment of graduates according to the national employment policies, regulations and relevant requirements of the university; to handle the process of signing employment agreements, and take charge in the issues of graduates’ dispatch; to supervise the administrative employment work of the schools and departments; to organize and coordinate important conferences on important issues including work conclusion and promotion.

Section of Employer Connections

       To be responsible for campus recruitment management, extensively connect with potential employers; to collect and public information demanded by employers, and assist employers with campus recruitment for employment or internship opportunities.

Section of Career Guidance

       To design and conduct extracurricular career development educational activities; to guide Student Career Development Association; to develop and manage the cooperation programs concerning career development with outside organizations.

Section of Career Teaching & Research

       To be responsible for teaching management and construction of series courses on career guidance; to provide career counselling services to both undergraduate and postgraduate students, and manage activities related to career counselling; to carry out employment researches and studies in light of university’s targets and demands of the employment service.

Section of International Organization Affairs

      To carry out counselling services, instructions, coaching programs, lectures and researches in order to cultivate talents for international organizations; to communicate with bilateral and multilateral international organizations; to organize students to take part in activities related to international organizations; to guide and recommend students to intern or work in international organizations; to communicate with alumni and contacts from international organizations; to undertake international cooperation related to students’ career development; to guide the construction and development of Student Association for Global Governance and International Organizations.

Administrative Office

       To support the document management and distribution; to coordinate and support other work within the center.



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