1. Company Profile

Founded in 2011, Beta focuses on the development and distribution of mobile games. It is a top global game manufacturer with offices in Beijing and Chengdu and more than 800 employees. Beta's business covers hundreds of countries and regions, covering word-writing, match-3, card, synthetic, sports and other multi-category games, covering 90 million+ users worldwide, mainly European and American users. In the ten years since its founding, Beta’s vision has always been to commit to millions of daily lives and millions of smiling faces, hoping to create simple happiness for players all over the world.

Company official websitehttp://betta-games.com/

2. Recruitment

Game Producer


1. Based on the established framework, working with the excel table configuration of the game's system, value, battle, level, and plot design.

2. In-charge of game planning, including completion of game settings at all levels, writing, and various documents maintenance, etc.;

3. Coordination of game material production, game technology realization, game testing, etc.


1. Bachelor's degree or above, engineering, physics, mathematics, computer science, or other education in related fields are preferred.

2. Having a passion for games, experienced or proficient in many online games, be knowledgeable and perceptual in the gaming industry.

3. Full of passion, imagination, and creativity, with a wide range of interests;

4. Experienced in casual mobile games is preferred;

U3D Programmer


1.Based on the project requirements, be able to carry out U3D program design and development;

2.Reasearch forward-looking technology and Unity source code with the team, and complete the coding, debugging, and configuration of the program under the guidance.


1. Bachelor's degree or above, major in computer science;

2. Experienced in data structure and algorithm, and have a solid professional foundation;

3. Good problem analysis and problem-solving ability;

4. Love games and software development, strong collaboration and communication skills, responsible and accountable.

Illustrations Designer

We can:

1.Help you to be familiar with the division of game art and know what the original painting, UI, animation, and graphic design in the game are.

2.Take you to understand the game development process, how a game is made, and how to create fun.

3. Provide one-on-one guidance to improve your professional skill.

We look forward to you:

1.Bachelor's degree or above, basic art skills, styling, color application and creative ability, aesthetic ability;

2. Mastering software such as photoshop, 3dmax, Bodypaint3D, Zbrush, Untiy3D, SP, etc.

3. At least 10 works are preferred;

3. Welfare

Insurance: Employees can enjoy five social insurances and one housing fund before they become regular employees, and commercial insurance (complementary medical care) after they become regular employees;

Meal supplement: lunch subsidy of 30 yuan/day on weekdays, dinner subsidy of 30 yuan/day, unlimited snacks, 5 kinds of seasonal fruits, coffee and tea every day;

Team building: employees can enjoy 500 yuan/person team building allowance every quarter;

Others: company-level birthday parties, various clubs, Mid-Autumn Festival, annual meetings and other rich holiday packages and activities.

4.join us

Please send your resume and works (only for art) to the mailboxcareer@fotoable.com

Online application addresshttp://fotoable.hirede.com/CareerSite/CampusRecruit

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