On the morning of October 25th, information session of International Labour Organization was held in Tsinghua University. This activity was sponsored by International Cooperation Division of Ministry of Human Resources and Social Security and jointly undertaken by Tsinghua University’s Career Development Center, Office of International Cooperation and Exchange and Office of International Education. About 150 students and teachers from Tsinghua University, Peking University, Renmin University of China, Beijing University of Aeronautics and Astronautics, Beijing University of Posts and Telecommunications, Beijing Normal University, Beijing Foreign Studies University, Beijing Language and Culture University, University of International Business and Economics and China University of Political Science and Law attended the event.

        Prior to the event, Guo Yong, Vice Chairperson of University Council met Dr. Suzanne Dee Pedersen, Chief of Talent Management Branch of ILO, Ms. Sylvie Layous-Saltiel, HR Officer of Talent Management Branch of ILO, Lv Yulin, Deputy Director of International Cooperation Division of Ministry of Human Resources and Social Security, et al. The two parties communicated about strengthening cooperation in the future. Relevant officials from Career Development Center, Office of International Cooperation and Exchange as well as Office of International Education of Tsinghua University attended the meeting.


Guo Yong and guests from the ILO delegation and delegation of the MHRSS

       After the meeting, the information session “ILO: Professional Career and Work Planning” chaired by Zhang Chao, Director of Career Development Center, Tsinghua University, was held in the reception hall in the main building of Tsinghua University.

       Guo Yong extended a warm welcome to honored guests from ILO and Ministry of Human Resources and Social Security as well as teachers and students attending the event on behalf of Tsinghua University. According to Guo Yong, China has been always maintaining close cooperation with ILO over the years and China's colleges and universities shoulder important missions in this respect. On the one hand, China's colleges and universities have achieved innumerable great achievements in terms of academic exchanges and technical cooperation with ILO; on the other hand, talents cultivated by China's colleges and universities play an important role in ILO. Nowadays, China's colleges and universities are looking forward to further expanding cooperation and building broader stage for young people that aspire to make a difference in ILO and other international organizations.


Guo Yong delivered the speech.

       Lv Yulin expressed thanks to Tsinghua University and ILO for their strong support on behalf of International Cooperation Division of Ministry of Human Resources and Social Security. According to him, as not only a founding member state of ILO, but also one of the permanent members of the Governing Body of the International Labour Office, China has always been providing strong support for and actively participating in ILO work over the years. Lv Yulin hoped that more outstanding young people could throw themselves into the international labour cause, further improve the presence of China in ILO, demonstrate Chinese wisdom and provide Chinese solutions to further perfect the international labor governance system.


Lv Yulin delivered the speech.

       During the information session, Dr. Suzanne Dee Pedersen and Ms. Sylvie Layous-Saltiel elaborated the general situation, personnel system, job opportunities, recruitment examination, job application skills et al. of ILO, mainly introduced sources of information, application ways, application preparation and interview skills for Chinese students to apply for the JPO Programme and Internship Programme, and meanwhile, shared the experience and thought of senior schoolmates with internship experience in ILO.


Dr. Suzanne Dee Pedersen delivered the speech.

       Afterwards, students asked questions enthusiastically and had an interaction with the speakers.

On-site interaction


About International Labour Organization

       International Labour Organization, ILO for short, was established in 1919 and became a special organization of the United States which is responsible for social and labor affairs in 1946. It is headquartered in Geneva and has 185 member states now. It has set up 5 regional offices and 40 state offices. Guy Ryder from Britain is the current general secretary.

      On the base of social justice, ILO aims to maintain a longstanding world peace and is dedicated to helping women and men in the world to get adequate chances for productive employment and decent work under conditions of freedom, equality, security and dignity.

      China is one of the founding countries of ILO. In 1971, the ILO council agreed the resolution to resume China's legal rights according to the resolution made on the General Assembly. The China government is one the 10 permanent government members of ILO. All-China Federation of Trade Unions and China Enterprises Confederation are the secretary of ILO's worker group and associate secretary of employer group, respectively.


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