On the afternoon of August 30th, Deputy Director-General of the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) and Head of the Department of Management Ms. Mary Alice Hayward, Director of the Division of Program Support and Coordination, Department of Technical Cooperation Ms. Ana Raffo-Caiado visited Tsinghua University. Vice President Yang Bin met them in the Western Hall of the H-Shaped House, and the two sides had dialogues about enhancing future cooperation.


Mr. Yang Bin meeting Ms. Hayward

       Mr. Yang Bin extended warm welcomes to the guests. Then he briefly talked about the University’s history, disciplines, students and reforms, and highlighted achievements made in the respects of international cooperation, international students training programs, the global strategy of the university and etc. It’s expected that Ms. Hayward’s visit will promote cooperation between the Tsinghua University and IAEA and help to put in place an official cooperation system. Ms. Hayward was very impressed by the university’s achievements and advised to make more efforts to help students expand knowledge, learn foreign languages, and accumulate experience. IAEA embraced the idea to enhance cooperation with the Tsinghua University and suggested that they welcome Tsinghua talents to join them and hope the two sides can expand their cooperation to more areas.


Group photo after meeting

      After the meeting, Ms. Hayward and her team came to the Department of Engineering Physics to communicate with representatives of teachers and students. Lin Chengtao, Director of the Career Development Center, Tsinghua University, gave a welcome speech. He stated that the Tsinghua University is dedicated to cooperating with international organizations for students’ internships and careers, and there have already been several excellent alumni working in IAEA. It’s expected that the two sides could continue to improve their cooperation and encourage more talents to join IAEA.


Ms. Hayward talking with teachers and students

      Director of the Engineering Physics Department Wang Xuewu introduced majors and disciplines, areas of study, talent training, international cooperation and social activities as well as summer camps organized for students. The focus was mainly on important scientific research achievements of the Department in recent years.


Wang Xuewu introducing the Department

      Deputy Party Secretary of the Institute of Nuclear and New Energy Technology Wang Xian’gang briefly introduced the history of the Institute and its talent training, and showed important research achievements in nuclear chemistry, nuclear fuels and etc. He also displayed relevant international cooperation programs.


Wang Xian’gang introducing the Institute

        After those introductions, Ms. Hayward delivered her speech. She expressed sincere thanks for the arrangement and felt very happy to have the chance to talk with students. Ms. Hayward introduced the mission and responsibilities of IAEA, as well as its framework and staff. She emphasized that IAEA is devoted to realizing gender and regional equality, and encourages female master and doctoral students to proactively apply for internships or full-time positions in IAEA. Ms. Hayward also presented their internship and cooperation programs, which helped students to know more clearly about how to join IAEA. By sharing her own career experience, Ms. Hayward suggested students that they should try to develop their leadership and socializing abilities while learning professional knowledge. After the speech, the representatives of students raised their questions and had deep communications with the guests.


Ms. Hayward delivering her speech

       The guests also visited the Public Security Laboratory, and they were impressed by achievements made relating to the emergency-responding system, platform and rescue technologies for public security emergencies.


Group photo of Ms. Hayward with Tsinghua teachers and students

       Relevant staff of the Office of International Cooperation and Exchange and the Career Development Center, as well as student representatives from the Engineering Physics Department and the Institute of Nuclear and New Energy Technology attended the activities above.


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