Established in 1988, Career Development Center, Tsinghua University is responsible to educate the undergraduate and postgraduate students on their career development and employment. CDC consists of the Administrative Office, the Section of Employment Policy, the Section of Employer Connections, the Section of Career Guidance, the Section of Career Teaching & Research and the Section of International Organization Affairs. As a unified administrative department of the undergraduate and postgraduate students' employment, the Career Development Center, Tsinghua University, continuously strives to become an outstanding employment service center so as to be aligned with the goal of developing our university into a world-class one. Currently, a relatively comprehensive system of the student career development education, service and management has been established. In 2012, the Career Development Center was honored with the title of "National Advanced Unit for Student Employment" by the State Council.

      In January, 2015, on the 13th School Affairs Conference of the academic year of 2014-2015, the Employment Guidance Center, Tsinghua University, was renamed as Career Development Center (CDC), Tsinghua University.

Main functions:

To implement the national employment principles and policies and related regulations of the Tsinghua University;

To collect and release demand information from social employers concerning graduates;

To connect with potential employers widely and to organize campus recruit fairs and relevant activities;

To offer career counseling and instructions to help graduates better understand themselves and establish correct employment views;

To help students with their career plans and conduct career coaching and education;

To oversee the signing process of employment contracts and take charge in the graduate dispatching issues.

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