Dear Sir/Madam:

Welcome you to participate in campus recruitment (promotion) fairs. We will serve you cordially and ensure the fair safe and smooth. Please support us in the following aspects:

      1. Situation of 2018 graduates: the number of graduates in 2018 is estimated as 4,200 (including 3,500 masters and 700 bachelors).

      2. Please help us ensure that students enter the venue in an organized manner. In the event that some students can’t enter the venue due to a large number and considering the safety, please help us in explanation, conformation and advance collection of resumes. The number of students allowed to enter the venue will be subject to the number of seats. No standing room in principle.

      3. Entry: students of Tsinghua University may enter the venue with their student cards in queue and those from other universities/colleges may enter with ID cards as well as student cards in queue. The event notices, registration forms and other information distributed by employers and a third party can’t be used as the vouchers for entry, advance entry or even random entry.

      4. Please keep calm in case of any emergency and help our staff cope with it, in particular, make the site controllable and help students evacuate in order in accordance with the uniform deployment when necessary.

      5. Layout: Each employer is allowed to enter the venue only within one hour before the event is officially started and only two exhibition boards are allowed to be placed outside the venue — one beside the center’s gate and the other beside the venue’s entrance. Other materials to enter the venue must be registered in advance. Posters are not allowed to be pasted inside.

      6. Banners: Employers may use an electronic screen as banner (17 x Chinese characters) in the New Oriental Room; banners (6.5m long) in the Tianyi Room. No space in the Huawei Room and the Dongfeng Room for hanging banners.

      7. Please observe relevant university rules and support construction of green campuses rather than distributing leaflets or paste posters on the campus. Your recruitment information has been publicized through the official website, e-mails and WeChat and covered widely.

      8. Please take your laptops (Apple may be incompatible) with you. All devices in the venue are latest and high-class products. Please take good care of them. If you want commissioning or other services, please contact the teacher on duty or the assistant student.

      9. To ensure more employers enjoy an opportunity for promotion, the event will be held on the morning, afternoon and evening. Please don’t move desks and chairs inside in case of any damage, or the next fair may be affected.

      10. The venue is not available for exams and interviews. If you need exams, please email your application seven working days in advance. If approved, we will send the sealed confirmation as well as a payment voucher to your e-mail. There are no areas for interviews in Career Development Center, Tsinghua University.

      11. The “THUCareerCenter” official WeChat account will only serve employers engaged in the job fairs in the university. Please send your demand for information release through WeChat to

      12. Please enter the campus through the main gate (southeast gate) (other gates may limit entrance of visitors). You may refer to the attached map of Career Development Center or use “Amap” or “Baidu Map” to locate the center (full name: Career Development Center, Tsinghua University). Vehicles are only allowed to enter the event through the main gate. Vehicles with 19 seats or more need to be registered in advance.

      13. No smoke in the venue. Please keep your mobile off or silent during the event.

      14. After the fair is ended, please contact the teacher on duty in time. Don’t leave before you hand over relevant devices to the teacher. Don’t stay long in the venue.

We are highly appreciated for your kind support to our work.


Tel: 010-62773164


Fax: 010-6296370(Auto receive)

Career Development Center, Tsinghua University

September, 2017


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