“Tsinghua University Student Association for Global Governance and International Organizations”,in short TsinghuaIO, is a non-profit group established and managed by students. It is under the guidance of Tsinghua University Career Development Center.

       With the continual increase in China's comprehensive national strength and international status, China needs to cultivate more global governance talent, and better participate in the global governance system. International organizations are important platforms for global governance. In recent years, Tsinghua University has actively encouraged and supported students to participate in international organizations. With the support of the school, TsinghuaIO came into being.

       TsinghuaIO positioning: focus on global governance systems and issues, cultivate global competencies and leadership, provide a platform of assistance, self-help and mutual-help for students who are aspiring to get an intern or work opportunity in international organizations.

       1. Career fairs for International Organizations

       TsinghuaIO hosted career fairs such as the "United Nations Human Resources Outreach Program", speaking tour of  "Encourage and Support College Students to Serve as Intern or Staff in International Organizations" in Beijing. International Organizations such as the United Nations Secretariat, the United Nations Development Programme, the United Nations Population Fund, the United Nations Children's Emergency Fund and other delegations held seminars to give introductions of their agency information, personnel system, job opportunities and recruitment examinations etc.

        2. Global Governance Forums

        TsinghuaIO organized a series of forums on global governance such as "UN Sustainable Development Goals and Global Governance", "Career Development as an International Civil Servants ".   Yunfu Song, former WHO diplomat,  and Toshio Oya, Director General of ADB, had been guests for the global governance forums.

       3. International Organization Student Training Camp

       TsinghuaIO organized the International Organization Student Training Camp, in which trainings on "United Nations and Multilateral Diplomacy" and "Foreign Affairs Etiquette" were carried out. 176 students from 35 different departments participated in this activity.

       4. Visiting International Organizations and Conducting Related Interviews 

       TsinghuaIO went to Europe to visit some international organizations in summer. The representatives of the association visited the International Labor Organization, the International Atomic Energy Agency and the United Nations Industrial Development Organization. The association has also interviewed alumni working or practicing in international organizations and will continue to conduct more interviews.

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