On November 23, 2016, Quacquarelli Symond (QS), an international higher education research institution, published the latest world university ranking -- “QS ranking of the employability of global students”, in which Tsinghua University ranked Third in the world, and the First in Asia, which was another improvement from the Ninth in the world and the First in Asia last year. The employability of Tsinghua graduates ranking the top three in the world is acknowledgement and recognition of student career development guidance work of Tsinghua University.

New office building of the Career Development Center 

        Concentrating on the “three-in-one” education mode of the school value molding, skill cultivating and knowledge teaching, the Career Development Center of Tsinghua University continuously explores and innovates, and has achieved many new progress in the employment and entrepreneurship work in 2016. More than 600 job fairs on different scales were held, and more than 20,000 pieces of ecruitment information were published. The quantity of the requirement of graduates and the quality of posts were significantly improved. The employment rate was elevated on a steady basis, the employment structure was continuously optimized, and the employment quality was continuously improved. The new office building of the Career Development Center of 2,900 square meters was completed and put into use. A strategic partnership has been constructed with Huawei, Dongfeng Motor Corporation, the Kunshan Government, Tsinghua Unigroup, Tianyi Construction Group and other excellent enterprises, who have sponsored five auditoriums of the center. The hardware conditions and the service capabilities of the Career Development Center have been substantially improved. The first enrollment of the online course Vocational Exploration and Selection by taught Deputy Director of the Career Development Center, Dr. Jin Leili, which was launched on one of the three largest global MOOC platforms “xuetangx.com” for the first time, has reached almost 5,000. Cooperating with school departments, we have selected and designated students to Kenya on internships with the Mombasa and Nairobi Railway project, directed the establishment of the Student Association for Global Governance and International Organizations, and developed a new situation for the global employment. Excellent entrepreneur recruitment fairs have been held to provide students with internships and employment resources at excellent enterprises, the number of entrepreneurial graduates and alumni have improved on a steady basis.

The Activity picture of “Setting sail at Pudong, creating the future — the Eagle Training Camp of College Students” 

Online course Vocational Exploration and Selection

       After years of practice, reform and exploration, Career Development Center, Tsinghua University, has formed a comprehensive career development guidance system that is based on students. Through the career development education of  “specialization, refinement, informatization and internalization”, we provide students with opportunities and resources to know careers, understand society and step into the world.

       In the aspect of career guidance, we have established a professional career development guidance system, to support scientific development of students’ careers. Through vocational counseling months and vocational guidance courses, we have provided students with guidance on professional career development and innovative entrepreneurship to improve students’ job search skills; through career guidance studios of various features, we have exerted the professionalism and advantageous resources of teachers, and provided students with classified and diverse guidance and consulting services; through the “ Coach Program”, we have formed a link between students and senior staff of the workplace, and improved the competitiveness of students in the workplace. The university has held more than 200 career guidance activities of all kinds, from which more than 13,000 students have benefited directly.


Lin Chengtao, Director of the Career Development Center, gave a lecture to freshmen on the theme of “Valuing the career planning, composing brilliant life”.


Zhu Hong and other senior professional coaches participated in the 2016 Tsinghua Coach Program activity


Commemorative activities of the 10th anniversary of the Coach Program

       In the aspect of innovation and entrepreneurship, we have established the “three-in-one, three-innovations integrated” innovation and entrepreneur platform, and cultivated the innovative and entrepreneurial abilities of students. By creating the “Pilot program of innovation and entrepreneurship”, we have integrated the dispersed innovative and entrepreneurial resources, and through a professional and refined innovation and entrepreneurship guiding and supporting program, we have conducted the efficient linking of resources, and achieved the win-win results for the government, enterprises, colleges and investors; by combining the characteristics and needs of students, we have established special studios, and provided students with one-on-one innovation and entrepreneurship consultation and guidance; the Tsinghua University innovation and entrepreneurship enterprise recruitment fair has been held for two consecutive years, more than 120 growing star entrepreneurial enterprises participated this year; by carrying out the department-by-department, stage-by-stage advanced innovation and entrepreneurship guidance, we have cultivated the innovating and entrepreneurial consciousness of students and the entrepreneur spirit, elevated the students’ innovation and entrepreneurship accomplishments, and guided and supported students to be brave in innovation and to dare to start business.

       Tsinghua University was awarded the “Typical and experienced university in national innovation and entrepreneurship in 2016”, Shi Zongkai, deputy secretary of the Party committee of the university, accepted the prize on behalf of the university

Vice Principal Yang Bin communicates with leading officials of enterprises at the entrepreneurial company internship and recruitment fair


       The Second Entrepreneurial Company Internship and Recruitment Fair of Tsinghua University

        In the aspect of informatized services, we have built an “integrated double-engine” informatization platform, and provided students with accurate services on employment and entrepreneurship. By taking the http://career.tsinghua.edu.cn/ as the main body, we have launched an electronic resume system to facilitate the “one-stop” job hunting for students; job-hunting data have been collected, analyzed and excavated through big data to provide students with accurate services with more personalization. We have taken the WeChat platform and app as an extension by operating the “THUCareerCenter” WeChat service platform, establishing a resource acquisition shortcut of “Keyword Database”, and creating the WeChat-website linking platform and the key resources launching mechanism.

Official website of the Career Development Center, THUCareerCenter and Career Guidance WeChat platform

        In the aspect of international expansion, we have intensely connected with the international career guidance and employment resources, and enhanced the international influence. We have invited worldly renounced college career development education experts to come and open workshops, carried out career guidance training on teachers, and improved the professional ability of career guidance; we have carried out relevant studies on career guidance, published multiple high-level international journal papers, and participated in academic activities organized by the Asia Pacific Career Development Association and the International Education and Career Counseling Association to exchange research achievements in the field of career development and improve the level of career development. By enhancing the cooperation with international organizations, such as institutions affiliated to the UN, Huawei, Microsoft and other enterprises, the Gates Foundations and other internationally prestigious institutions, we have provided students with channels and support to intern or work at overseas institutions of state-owned enterprises, trans-national enterprises and international organizations.

Summer social practice of postgraduate students at the branch of the Mombasa and Nairobi Railway in Kenya

 United Nations human resources outreach project promotion conference

        In 2016, the promotion of the QS ranking of the employability among global graduates recognized endeavor and achievements of student career development guidance work of Tsinghua University from an international perspective. However, in the meanwhile, we also know that the quality of talents adapted to domestic and foreign development needs to be further improved, which also puts forward higher requirements for career development education.

        New situations and new challenges call for new actions; facing the new economic normal, the career development center of Tsinghua University shall profoundly grasp changes of the domestic and foreign situations, firmly seize new opportunities brought by the transformation and upgrading of the economic structure, continuously innovate the talent training philosophy, improve the level of career development guidance, continue to explore and promote academic talent training, innovative ability promotion, international organization employment and other aspects, provide precise career development guidance and services for students, departments, units and alumni in great depth, and dedicate itself to cultivating first-class talents for the future and the world.

[1] In 2016, Guokr.com conducted a research project on MOOC learners, who selected the top three MOOC platforms in the world, which are Coursera of America, edx, and xuetangX.com of Tsinghua University.

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